Continuing our Web Design Questions theme. The questions from the first and second blogs were:

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-473" src="http://nemysys look at” alt=”Performance” width=”142″ height=”100″ />1 What does your business do / describe your business?
2 What do you want your site to accomplish?
3 Who (exactly) are your customer’s?
4 What action do you want your visitors to take on your website?
5 Do you have a look and feel? (A Brand or Brief / Style Guide)
6 What features to you want / not want?
7 What do you like / not like about your existing site?
8 Name 3 web sites you like and say what you like / not like about them?

Most people are very familiar with the internet and have their favourite web sites.

Based on your selection and what you like / don’t like about them, the designers will be able to pick up a lot of ideas regarding the layout and the colours used.

What do you like and why do you like that feature is sometimes a difficult question to answer. And on the flip side – what don’t you like and why don’t you like it helps the designers gather together ideas that will help produce a unique and pleasing site for your business.

9 Who are your main competitors?

Every business has competition – not just direct competition either. For instance, if you are selling high value domestic products, such as a fitted kitchen – you are not only competing against other kitchen showrooms, but you might be competing against a new car or a holiday.

Listing your competitor’s websites and again defining what you like or dislike about their sites helps the designers.

You should always monitor your competitors’ web sites so that you can quickly respond to any marketing activity that they instigate.

10 How do you differ from them?

What makes your company different from your competitors? It might be price or product selection or maybe your service.

What is your USP – Your Unique Selling Proposition? (Definition: The factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition.)

A note of caution: being the cheapest on the internet is not always the best place to be – somebody will always come in cheaper. All that does is drive down prices and profits.

If you are the £1 store – there will be a 99p store around the corner!

11 Do you have site content or will you write fresh?

The content for any web site is generally the responsibility of the client – unless it is being taken on by the web developers’ copywriter.

Writing good copy for your web site is skill that shouldn’t be ignored, as it will engage your visitors when done correctly and turn them away when done badly.

Writing copy takes time and most business people have other things to do… like running their business.

Projects stall or even get abandoned because the designers hasn’t received the content promised to them by the client.

Well written copy sells!

Web Design Questions – Part 4 next…