ExtraordinaryIf you raise the subject of web design among small business owners, it won’t be difficult to find people who have been burned by a web designer.

Sometimes they may have concluded that having website is not worth the trouble.

One of the issues with web design nowadays is that software has now made creating a website easier. If you have the necessary application, it would not take long for you to come up with a website.

There are loads of cheap or even free templates to make it even easier to design a website. Having a website with a professional look is not at all difficult.

You may wonder what the problem really is.

The process of designing a website is not all about giving it a professional look. That, in fact, is one of the least vital aspects of website design.

There are ugly looking websites out there that generate lots of money and there are also great looking sites which generate little or no money at all.

Having a professional looking website is not enough.

There is a serious error in the web design industry today and small business owners especially are falling victim of it every day.

The problem is that most of the time, there is little or no business plan when designing a website.

Too many web designers focus more of their attention on selling web design rather than devoting their time to building an effective website.

This flaw stems from the fact that only a few web designers are marketing to people.

Most small businesses owners do not set aside huge budget for advertising; hence the lower rates of mediocre web designers seem attractive.

Good marketing implies setting out priorities and using your available resources to effectively accomplish your goals.

One element which is missing in most web design is the element of uniqueness.

Having a Unique Selling Point (USP) is a basic principle of marketing best project tracking software.

Business people should be able to answer the questions: “What makes me different from my competitors? “

If you fail to design your website to answer this question, your web visitors will leave and may not return; they may not even tell you why they didn’t want to stay either.

Your website should speak to your visitors, solve their problems and address their needs.

You need to attract them and sell your solution to them.

When you observe the number of websites that do not meet with this basic of marketing, then you will see the possibility of rising above your competitors.

The majority of business websites keep violating this principle, how much more would be benefit from hiring a web design company like Nemysys Internet who understands marketing and build their web site from YOUR customers point of view.

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